When do you Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Sometimes it’s difficult to decide when you need a personal injury lawyer. If you tripped on uneven pavement, or if a dog snarled at you and caused you to fall, do these events justify hiring a lawyer? What if you were in a fender bender and feel a little “off”?

The purpose of hiring a lawyer (for most people) is to get compensation (money) for injuries caused by the responsible party. Keep in mind that lawyers do not work for free. Thus, whether or not you hire a personal injury lawyer depends on how severely were you injured (and how much money you could possibly get from the responsible party).

If you incurred small injuries and the most you could possibly be compensated for is a few hundred dollars, it would not be worth it to hire an attorney. Attorney fees may be higher than your compensation. In these situations, do some research and then file a compensation claim with your insurance company.

On the other hand, if you were severely injured and this led to damaged property, medical bills, lost wages, and  long-term health issues, then you should definitely hire a lawyer. Insurance companies are not in the business of giving you money. In fact, insurance companies have a team of lawyers to find ways to NOT give you money. Often times, insurance companies will give you compensation and make it sound like a good deal, but it’s not. With the help of a personal injury lawyer, you are more likely to receive the compensation you deserve.

For example, if you were in a bad car accident, an auto accident attorney will already know what to do. The lawyer will know what documents to file and what evidence/proofs are needed for your case. Things like long-term disability and permanent disability are tricky to prove but a personal injury lawyer will know what to do. If you are severely injured, you may not be able to run around town to retrieve documents. A personal injury attorney can do all that on your behalf.

What to Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney

Just as there are many types of doctors, there are also many types of lawyers. Here are steps which will help you  find a good lawyer:

  1. Find a lawyer who works in the area of Personal Injury and in particular, one who has experience with car accident claims (if you were injured in a car accident).
  2. The lawyer should have a good reputation: either from word of mouth or from online reviews.
  3. Think about how much time the lawyer will devote to your case. This is due in part to how many other cases is he working on right now.
  4. Are you comfortable with the lawyer? You should hire someone who you feel like you can work with. You want someone who you feel comfortable asking questions to.
  5. Cost: in an ideal world, money is no object, but in reality, you do need to find a lawyer who works within the price range which you can afford. Some lawyers will offer “no money unless we win the case” clauses.  This may be a good options since you have nothing to lose. On the other hand, this clause won’t help you if the legal fees are exorbitant and you may “win” your case but not get any money after you pay the legal bills.

At the end of the day, you have to go with your gut reaction. Will the lawyer work diligently to get you the compensation you deserve? If the answer is yes, then he/she is the one for you.

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