In California, a DUI third offense differs from a DUI second offense and a DUI first offense, as well as when a DUI-related accident involves injuries such that the driver is subject to different laws under varying circumstances. All of those differences are one of the reasons why individuals in these situations should not go alone before the court. Consider the following:

  • Some charges are made based on the arresting officer’s interpretation of the driver’s motor vehicle skills, not a field sobriety test or blood alcohol content (BAC).
  • A DUI stop needs to be made with probable cause. Lacking that, sobriety or blood alcohol content tests can be ruled invalid.
  • A DUI arrest might be made on mere interpretations of facts because many situations with DUI charges are subjective.
  • First offense cases can result in acquittal, probation, fines, license suspension, or jail time. There is a broad range of possibilities that can have a small or significant impact on one’s livelihood, and clear reason why a DUI law firm in Southern California is essential for protecting your rights.
  • A second or third drunk driving offense (within ten years of a previous offense) can carry harsher sentences.

Because of these variables, it is highly advisable to work with attorneys who understand the laws, the courts, and your individual circumstances. The impact of a judge or jury decision can affect the driver for life and turn his or her life upside down or not, often, depending on whether a smart defense strategy was followed.

At the Khashayar Law Group, we have the expertise needed to defend your rights within Southern California. Because of the long-term impact on your ability to drive, to get to work, and to conduct the affairs of your life and family, it is important for anyone facing DUI charges to engage an attorney.

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