The first step in any dispute or potential case is whether you’d want to take it or not. At the beginning stages of starting your own firm, you will likely take any case you can. You cannot be picky, however, when you have established yourself and feel comfortable about your caseload, you can be pickier.

Just about everyone thinks they have a winnable case. As Mr. Khashayar states, ‘There is no such thing as an easy case, and there is no such thing as a great case.’ You must take a look at the facts and how you can prove them. Once you feel comfortable about taking the case, you need to take a good look at the client and see how you feel about presenting him/her to the jury. Will twelve random people like or believe your client? Can you help your potential client be likable, or become more likable?

Do your homework well to know the value of your case before you are retained, and once you are, move forward with the intent to take the case to trial as opposed to settling. Begin thinking about how to tell your story, how to pick your jury, and what instructions you will give them, how you can include and exclude all the evidences, and finally how will you close.

These are just a small set of steps to consider once you are ready to take a case. In the coming weeks, we’ll provide you with a glimpse of all that’s involved in taking a case to trial from start to finish.